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After downloading the software you need to get the license key in order to add money to you account/wallet. To get the license key you need to buy a activation code. The license key will work for all time. After you receive the code you can activate the software and start using it right away.
You can download the software 100% for free! No survey and no passwords. You can download it and start it with just a couple of clicks. In order to add money you need to have a license key you can get the activation code in buy page.
Our money adders are updated every month. Our software has been coded by the professionals so you can be sure it’s save and your IP is hidden. You don’t need to use VPN or something it’s legit money and hack. it’s impossible to lose money everything is automatic.
A lot of people wants it and they will abuse the software and then software will not work because it will get detected. If you really want to change your life and make it easier you can spend a little amount of money for one time payment and you will make all your money back just in 1 click.
Could not install the program?
If you are unable to install the program, our team in our technical service will do the installation personally with the help of Team Viewer. Please ask our Customer Representative for help with the installation and Team Viewer ID and password.
What are the differences between programs?
There are several ways to use, register and between programs. Please see the program links. The program writes on our website.
I received the program but I could not activate what should I do?
Make sure your system is registered. Because programs that are not registered to the system do not work. Please inquire from our customer representative or email address and ask for help.
How do I buy the program.
You can download the program from the download section of our website purchase and payment links. Our payment methods. You can pay via Blockchan and minerlock links. For payments made by credit card, please watch the videos and make sample payment explanations.
I bought the program now what do I do?
After the program payment is made, download the program to your computer from the link sent to you. Read the installation booklet in the file you downloaded for installation. Please send your system registration to our customer representative or email address.
What is system registration information?
System registration information: the program will be registered in your name and must be connected to our System for the program to run. Information required for system registration 1-Name 2-Surname 3-Email address. 4- Your bitcoin wallet to be registered. 5- Your computer IP address. Your 6-phone number. 7-payment receipt shows the picture
What to do if l have a problem?
Premium users receive live chat support 24/7. If you encounter any problems, you can contact us anytime there! or send an e-mail to to get information about your problem and ask for help.
I can't establish the program in any way?
If your system is registered, please note that there are no viruses on your computer. In addition, users who give incorrect system information cannot pass serial validation.
What can I do if I made the wrong wallet payment.
Please confirm your payment after the payment has been checked 2 times. Our company is not responsible for payments made to other accounts.
What can I do if I can't get a bitcoin payment?
Have your bitcoin account registered in the system checked. The system automatically pays your account after 00:00 hours.
The first week is why the fixed payment is submitted.
Standard system payment is valid for the first week in order not to leave our customers incurred. The system sends only the minimum payment set within 1 week.
What is a reference link?
Reference link Our system gives you the reference link of our website. You can sell with a link. 30% premium will be given to our members who trade with the link. You can earn bitcoins without buying a program. With our premium members, they provide 5% extra earnings for 10 reference member registrations for members registered from the reference link.
Where can I not find my reference link.
Since the system automatically gives your reference link, you can access it from the Account Settings menu under the Account Settings section.
How do I share with the reference link.
Since reference link shares are limited in social networks, you can share using the link shortening services. In our system, memberships and purchases made from your reference link are recorded automatically.

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