Bitcoin Generator Mining v9.1 Characteristics


1. Premium membership
2. Disposable serial key
3. 1 year technical service support
4. Bitcoin Generator Mining activation keygen program
5. Daily shooting limit is between 1-30 btc.
6. No interference from Ip blocking during use.
7. You can shoot btc until you use the program and mining you do.
8. The amount of your withdrawal will be sent to your wallet address.
9. Shooting hours are sent automatically from our system after 12:00 pm.
10. You can shoot from 5 different bitcoin wallets.
11. Possibility to add 3 email addresses to our system
12. Membership digit system (eg limitation of attraction between 1 digit and 10 digits)
13. You do not need to register your IP address.
14. Your minimum shooting limit is 0.08 btc and the maximum limit is 30 btc.
15. 0.8 btc shooting for 1 week in the first use can be done.
16. Our members receive an additional 5% bonus for each customer they refer to.
17. Contract transactions Our Premium members are prohibited from advertising for 1 year. Customers who do not comply are blocked by the System and cannot run the program in any way.
18. Customers who are not satisfied with the program can return it within 15 days and their payment will be returned to them.
19. Shooting programs should never be returned. No refunds will be taken from the shooting programs.
20. In the first installation, please contact the customer representative and provide the necessary information.